Why drink coffee?

Coffee drinkers often get grouped with drug addicts: it is a bad thing to need.

But studies have shown that there are actually many benefits to being a regular coffee drinker. Here are just a few!

– Lowers your risk of getting diseases such as

+ Diabetes

+ Parkinson’s

+ Colon cancer

– Can lift your mood

– Treats headaches

– Lowers your risk of getting cavities

Web MD

– Helps to improve muscular work capacity in most if not all exercises

– Help provide protection against the development of liver disease

– Did you know that driving a vehicle when feeling sleepy causes more deaths and serious injury than drunk driving? So coffee can help reduce accidents! (caffeinated of course)

– Positive effect on mental performance

Positively coffee

– Prevents Alzheimer’s

– A good source of antibiotics

– Coffee’s dietary fiber, soluble fiber, helps prevent cholesterol from being absorbed by the intestines.

Coffee Detective

So go ahead! Drink that coffee. Your health will thank you

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