Go green with your caffeine – Part 2

As you may be able to tell, I am a little bit of a hippie.

If there is a cool way to help the environment I am all for that.

You may love getting coffee at your local shop everyday or even weekly, which I encourage of course 🙂

But another way to help save paper besides reusable coffee sleeves, as shown in my last post,

You can use REUSABLE CUPS!

There are many options for this.

Number one of course would be:

Travel Mugs

Everyone has one. You use them on trips or for hot chocolate during the winter. Why not use one every day?

These travel mugs are temperature controlled, so you can have your coffee or tea the way you want it.

Porcelain Cups

Starbucks throw-away cup? think again. These just look like the paper ones. They are actually porcelain cups with a rubber top, and they are just as cool as they look.  And they last longer than plastics!

Another GREAT feature of these:

A lot of coffeeshops will give a discount if you bring your own cup for your beverage. Just ask!

So Go Ahead!

Go Green!

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Go green with your caffeine

I love coffee. But I also love the environment. These days there are so many ways to help save the earth, and look cool while doing it!

My new favorite thing: reusable coffee sleeves

They come in TONS of fun colors and patterns, and you can even make your own.

Here are some links to some sleeves:

cotton sleeves

knit sleeves

portable sleeves

So have fun drinking your caffeine in style.

I love whipping out my reusable beverage sleeve at coffee shops and looking like an earth-friendly lady!

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