Location #2 MUG

Source: Emily Templin

Emily Templin at Acoustic Café

Drink: Caramel Delight

This drink from Acoustic Café is Emily’s current favorite

The Caramel Delight consists of:

– 2 shots of espresso

– real caramel

– steamed milk

“I’ve only gotten it a few times, but the caramel is so delicious, as is the guy who made it!”

Emily also likes to get 1/3 turkey hoagies with chili “But you have to chip in the extra $.30 for the cheese. You just have to,” Emily says.

So if you visit Acoustic Café make sure to try the Caramel Delight!

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Location #2 – Acoustic Café

The Acoustic Café has two locations:

Eau Claire Wisconsin and Winona, Minnesota.

Since I am from Winona, I will let you know about the Winona location.

It is a hot spot for college students and local residents around Winona.

Along with serving coffee, Acoustic offers soup, sandwiches, ice cream, bakery items, and hot hoagies.

Acoustic is rightfully named for the other aspect of the business, music.

They have local musicians, or musicians from the area, every friday and saturday night. Mostly acoustic music, they also have bands playing sometimes, and an “Irish Jam” once a month for artists to play at, where anyone is invited.

All the performances are free, but tips for the musicians are accepted 🙂

to find out more about who is performing this month, what they offer, or anything else, visit Acoustic Café .

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Location #1 PAGE

a PAGE on this blog is a book.

A weekly book recommended by the same person who recommends the MUG for the week.

Since I told you my favorite drink, why not tell you my favorite book for the week?

– I am not currently reading anything, due to the demands of school and clubs and such, but I will tell you about one of my favorite books of all time: The Westing Game.

The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin is like a weird version of Clue.

It is about an apartment complex that holds sixteen heirs to Sam Westing’s fortune. They have to follow clues to figure out which one of them murdered Sam. It is a very easy read ( I think the first time I read this book was in fourth grade), but children and adults alike can be intrigued by the twists this story offers.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a little humor, mystery (not scary), and a good suspenseful plot.

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Location #1 MUG

Not a Mugshot: but a shot of espresso!

A ‘MUG’ is what the drink of the weekly location is.

Every week one person will tell of a favorite drink of theirs from the location of the week.

This week, since I decided to tell about my favorite location, I will also tell you about my favorite drink from Mugby Junction.

The Dirty Chai:

Yes, that is what I have been told it is called.

Who doesn’t love chai lattés? I like to call them ‘Christmas in a Cup’

Chai tea and steamed milk

Now +add espresso

I always need caffeine, being an addict and all, so I always add a shot of espresso to my Chai Latté.

And that is the MUG for this week: DIRTY CHAI

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Location #1 – Mugby Junction

Mugby Junction

Winona, MN

451 Huff Street

Mugby Junction

For the first location of Pages and Mugs, I decided to start with the coffee shop I frequent most often, Mugby Junction.

It is located right across the street from Winona State University, and is a hot spot for coffee-addict college students such as myself.

Mugby Junction, known around town as Mugby, is run by Carew Halleck, an owner who also works the bar making lattés and sandwiches on a daily basis while ordering and running the shop. There are four Mugby Junction locations in Winona. The location on Huff street is the full sit-down shop, sharing a building with the Winona State Lutheran Campus Center. The other location operated by Halleck is a drive-thru Mugby, located at 718 Mankato Ave. There are also two kiosk locations, selling Mugby coffee. One in Somsen Hall at Winona State and one in the Winona Health and Clinic campus.

Mugby offers many types of coffee drinks, inventing new concoctions daily. They also offer sandwiches and soup, of which I have never heard a negative comment.

A local favorite, Mugby Junction is always hopping with college students doing homework, clubs holding meetings, regulars chatting with the employees, or kids buying cookies with their parents.

Mugby is unique for many reasons, here are just a few:

– Mugby displays are of local artists on their walls. If you paint, draw, take pictures, blow glass, or more, you can offer your art for show.

– A local bottling company provides Mugby with soft drinks in glass bottles. When you bring the bottle back, you get a dollar in cash right away. what a deal!

– a piano is available for anyone to practice or play on at any time of the day, (In fact, I am listening to a guy play right now!)

– Mugby has their own brew, called the Pickwick Blend, named after the nearby Pickwick Mill.

– Mugby recycles their coffee collars. Working like a penny bowl, take one or leave one as you please so you can be part of the recycling process.

– There are hundreds of books at Mugby that are free for your reading pleasure, right on a bookshelf along the wall. As long as you don’t take them with you. (Only in Minnesota some may say 🙂 )

Make sure to visit Winona, Minnesota soon and stop by at Mugby Junction!

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Books and Coffee. The perfect combination.

Hello coffee lover and reader!

I wanted to have a place where my two loves, and I hope yours, can come together to create one.

Thus, this blog was born. Welcome.

This is for me, and you, to tell others your favorite combinations of great books, coffee concoctions and cafés.

I will post a suggested book and great coffee place or drink to try together. Some books or drinks/places may be from a fan, or a friend, or just someone I meet on the street. Or of course, from me.

I hope you enjoy this blog, as it is about what I love: reading and drinking a cup of coffee.

❤ Jackie

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