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So we all love our coffee. But what if we don’t have time to stop at that favorite coffee shop every morning on the way to work or class or whatever our destination may be? Instant coffee.

Instant coffee is essentially freeze-dried coffee, a product made to be kept for a longer period of time. It was actually invented back in the day (1906) by George C. Washington (not the president), who was a coffee addict just like us.

The most popular instant coffee brands are:


Maxwell House

Nescafé (Taster’s Choice)

Also on the market just recently, and quite controversial, is Starbucks Instant VIA. An instant coffee that Starbucks claims tastes just like their famous fresh brewed coffee.

But I’ll let you decide. On the go? Try instant coffee!! Many swear by it. (and PS: it’s cheaper!)

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Fan MUG and PAGE – Laura

Laura A, of Winona, MN gave us a rundown on her favorite coffee beverage and her review of a book.

Her favorite drink?

White Chocolate Mocha:

As described on, a white chocolate mocha is Espresso with white chocolate flavored sauce and steamed milk. Topped with sweetened whipped cream.

And a book she recommends?

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. As Laura describes it:

“This novel is written as a series of letters written by a young boy named Charlie to an unknown recipient.  The letters account Charlie’s life and times as an awkward and thoughtful adolescent.  It follows him through issues with school, drugs, love, loss, and family.  This book had a very profound impact on me, as well as many of my friends that have read it.  I am a self-proclaimed wallflower myself and it was nice to read such an honest portrayal of what it is like to be ‘standing on the fringes of life’.  Charlie is a complex character that represents the dork in all of us.  This book is sure to remind you of your awkward teenage years, or if you are still in that stage, it will reassure you that you are not alone.  Along with the painfully poignant story, it is also beautifully written.  I have read this book three times and I find something new that resonates with me every time.  This a must read for everyone!”